Monday, September 12, 2011

Cut It Short


I'm going to get a haircut! So excited and scared at the same time. I was searching through my albums to find a photo of me with short hair, so that you could get an idea of me with short hair, but guess what? Nothing. No photo. I've had long hair for as long as I can remember. Although my gut tells me that I'm going to suffer from regret the first couple of days, I am determined to CUT IT SHORT. I'm thinking shoulder length with a few layers, not too much. 

(something like this)

Right now, I'm desperate for some change and image rebuilding. My hair is magic. It grows fast, so I am not THAT afraid to cut it. I'm one of the lucky girls in the world that can have long hair in no time. Thanks God!

Do you have any suggestions for haircut styles you think would suit me? 
Let me know please.


  1. i think long hair suits you more but a change is going to make you feel & look so much better! i've had long hair for ever too & the few times i cut it short , i always regretted it at first but the freshness of the brand new change made up for it later (: i got an idea of how you'd look like in your photo in the 'love story' category where your hair's curled & it reminds me of layers & shoulder length hair.. i think you'd look gorgeous, but make sure it's exactly what you want before you do it! xo

  2. Your hair is one of your best features, no matter what length it is! I have been on Pinterest for a month now pinning haircut ideas for bangs! I'm still brainstorming what will be best. Can't wait to see you rock a new look!

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  3. I can totally relate to this post! I always have my hair long and it grows like magic also, which is a good thing when I feel like I got a haircut and it's "too short" ie: still halfway down my back. Anyway I'm sure whatever you chose, you will love. Getting your mane cut can be a refreshing, much-needed change :)

  4. that's awesome that your hair grows fast!
    i like a longer (shoulder length) a-line look. but that's if i were to cute my hair short.

    good luck! looking forward to the results!


  5. I think you'll look good in Mila Kunis hairstyle :)


  6. i always go back and forth with my hair... i LOVE it long, but sometimes i get tired and want change. but i can never bring myself to chop it!! :)

    can't wait to see your new look!

  7. I've had so many hair styles from medium to short, medium to long. I love long hair and I think you should just add a few layers but try not to cut to much off the lenght. You have such gorgeous hair.


  8. go for the ombre dyeing!
    although, i may be a little bias, as i have it and have LOVED it for a long time.

    thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment! i'd thought i'd do the same ^___^

    the harlin diaries

  9. Feeling the same way with my 'sister wife' hair.....! Cute idea for the cut...I'm into the Heidi Klum short look...