Friday, September 02, 2011

The Doublclik Contest

Let me introduce you to one of my best friends on the blogosphere. This girl is not only the prettiest creature but also the nicest person. Her photography talent is amazing. What I love the most about this girl is her style. The photo style she creates. Her fresh and clean editing. And she knows how much I am in love with her "magazine" inspired posts over at her blog.

I just simply love everything about her. So, with no further ado, ladies (and maybe some gentlemen out there, those few of you) this is my lovely friend Andrea and her work!

Andrea: Just for the record, it was a challenge to make a significant magazine-ready transformation when you're dealing with center page spread Piril Maria to start with. Piril was one of the first bloggers I ever started to follow, and I know we can all agree she could cover any magazine, any day. 

And in celebration of The Bookness finally returning to our photo blog lovin' hearts, I am giving away these magic hands to create a magazine ready photo edit just for you. Leave a comment as to what you would love to have madeover, and follow my photoblog over at DoublClik If you'd rather sport the sidelines for awhile, you can still like DoublClik on Facebook to be entered in the drawing. 1 winner will be chosen using random.org next Friday, September 9th. 

Happy editing and good luck!


  1. What wouldn't I want to have made over?! What an awesome talent! Im following DoublClick for sure!

  2. I'd love a bronze tan. I can't believe I made it through this whole summer without a tan. Gah. LOVE doublclik. I am, no doubt, a follower!

  3. She's good! Enter me! Love the outfit.

  4. I have been following DoublClik for a while! I love her blog and her photography! Hope I win!!

  5. I'd love some subtle highlights in my hair and face (you did a great job on that with piril, but honestly, she was gorgeous from the beginning :) ).

    And Andrea, you know I've been following you since a long time ago- you two lovely ladies have been on my faves list since a long time ago.

    xx flor

  6. Oh my gosh, I don't know! But i'm excited to hear suggestions! What a cool giveaway! And a fantastic post! I'm heading over to follow you....
    Thanks Piril for introducing us!


  7. How about a 56 year old? I don't want to look 26, just better...

  8. You look awesome!
    As always! :P


  9. Love this tutorial! You girls are so talented ))

  10. Lovely outfits, your friend is quite the talented photog :)