Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The fall has arrived to Oslo. Or at least the rainy weather and fashion inspiration. The H&M catalogue arrived at my mail box today and let me just tell you, they come back stronger every season. I feel so inspired to dress all "fallish". Oh, and thanks for the hair tips. I've decided that I'm going to have a long bob type of hairstyle. Want to go short, but not TOO SHORT, still a little scared. The date is not set yet, since I've been super busy working. Some time soon though. 

Have you been shopping some fall stuff?


  1. I so badly want to buy some fall goodies. But I'm resisting until I drop a few more pounds. You look lovely in your fallish look :)

  2. i love that top!! haven't done much shopping for fall/winter yet... i really need to get some more cozy sweaters!

  3. LOVE your hair!! I haven't done much shopping lately :(

  4. I love your hair!!! And your belt!

    Belly B :)

  5. You look so cute! I adore your lace top.
    Here in Northern Italy, Fall hasn't arrived yet, the weather is warm and it's like Summer!
    Last week I bought a couple of Fall things at H&M, but I have to wait to wear them ;)
    Have a great day!

  6. H&M is my best friend this fall. There pieces are amazing! I love your outfit :) x

  7. Your outfit is perfect! I love black jeans! And the top and belt just come together real nice. :)

    My good friend is from Norway actually. He is from an hour out of Oslo in Tonsberg I think it is.

    I went for Christmas in Dec 09 and it was really cool. i want to go back and see the fjords!

    Keep blogging! :)

  8. very cute! I went super short recently, and love it - That said, I can't wait to have it all back again haha


  9. I am so in that mood to shop for fall, but haven't done so yet.

    Wow, your hair is super long (and so shiny)! It's absolutely gorgeous. Although, I can understand your need for a change. Good luck and be brave!

  10. Beautiful!!!

  11. Love your hair! It's so beautiful! I would love to see you with a long bob! Although I don't think you need a change!
    I'm really excited to buy fall clothes too!

  12. You are so beautiful! I love your lip color! What shade is it?