Thursday, September 01, 2011

Istanbul Sapphire

The best view EVER! Me and Fiancè visited one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul. The elevator ride took only seconds and before we knew there we were over 200 meters up in the sky. We could see Istanbul at a 360 degree view. AMAZING!

Mister handsome playing all fancy. He is NOT camera shy at all. But I don't like his beard he has been growing. He says he want's to try out something new.

The happy couple. Posing pretty.

An inside joke. Turkish people will get it. Fiancè isn't very romantic. Here I am wanting to take the famous "holding-hands" picture, but he messes it all up.

I payed all of my coins to be able to use these machines. Increadible view. Increadible Istanbul. Of course I'll pay.

Just look at it!

Had a little 5d helicopter experience as well.

Oh, and here is me smiling. Happy tourist. But no seriously, both Fiancè and I were amazed by the greatness we experienced that day. We sat at the cafè and studied the whole city from a bird perspective and it was beautiful.


  1. hehehehhe yea, i did get that picture :)))))

  2. i love your hair! you look very pretty
    kisses from prague and enjoy your day!

  3. Very beautiful pictures!Yup the thumb thing is too funny, i got it:))

  4. OH! adventure, adventure! looks like fun. :)

    ~Ruth (ruthrmay.com)

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! What a beautiful couple (and what a beautiful view!)

    I have always wanted to go to Turkey (especially since I grew up in a country oh so close..)

    Totally got the thumb-joke! It's not only Turkish people, us Russians do it too!


  6. Wow! That is amazing!! And I love your outfit, you look so pretty. :)

  7. The best compliment I could give you is I love your photographer mind. You pick the most interesting things to take pictures of, and thank you for that. thank you for the elevator buttons and obervation deck rope. And for your pretty pink purse.

    DoublClik Photo Blog

  8. Wow! :) You came in Istanbul? I hope you like it. :)

    I didn't enter the Sapphire yet despite I pass the front of it everyday. But I want to go there. :)

    By the way, Is your fiance is Turkish? :)