Friday, November 18, 2011

Below Zero

Yes, it has begun. The frost has set itself on top of everything and you can really see the winter settle down in Norway. Lately, the fog has also made itself confortable here. So many factors at once, you would think we lived inside a deep freezer. Temperature down below zero celsius. 

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that yet another winter has arrived and a new years is just around the corner waiting. But, I must admit, although it's cold and dark, winter is one of my favorite seasons. Mostly because of the holidays that comes with it. Excited!

Tell me your favorite season.


  1. I'm with you, this time of year is my favorite. I love watching the first snowfall so i'm hoping we see that soon!

  2. These photo's are really pretty! I love the snow, but I hate the cold! But my favorite season is Spring :)

    xoxo, Laura

  3. Winter is my favorite season. I don't mind the cold. I love it!!


  4. These are so pretty! I'd love to have some snow here.

  5. those photos are beautiful, I love the detain in each. I can't believe its so cold, so early over there.

  6. ooo it looks sooo pretty.. i love how lovely it looks but i'm not such a big fan of snow... i hope we dont get snow here this winter, although i know we will because i do live in the UK >.< xx


  7. I lalalalallalalloove Christmas.

    It's been so cold here! -30 to -40 degrees fahrenheit!

    soooo chilly.

    But snow+cold=Christmas, for me. (:

  8. I'm new to your blog but I'm digging this photography.


  9. oh my, these photos are SO beautiful :) x

  10. Your pictures are beautiful!! But I still am not a fan of winter. :) Summer is by far my most favorite season EVER! Bring on the heat!!

  11. These photos are AHHH-mazing! I'm still hoping for the day that I get to experience snow. Thanks for following my blog...I'll definitely be following back :)