Thursday, November 17, 2011

Darkness Time

I wake up early, go to work, and the weather is dark. I finish work, go home, and the weather is dark. In Norway we call it the six month darkness time. So depressing. Sometimes I get lucky and manage to get some sunlight on my face before it is gone again. That is why it is important to pamper yourself on those cold and dark winter days. I do. With a pack of chocolate buns and some delicious cold water. 

When you live here your whole life, you get used to it, but for newcomers it can be slightly creepy. 
How many hours of sun do you get?


  1. Hey!
    I am going to Norway next year (Erasmus). Hope the whole darkness thing doesn't affect me very badly :) Here where I live, I am starting to miss sun more and more, because winter is coming and winter = dark and depressive days :(

    P.S. I like your blog, keep up the good work!

  2. The best part of those months is the excuse to be all cozy in blankets with tv marathons! I grew up where it snowed for at least half the year with short days times as well. At first it was exciting then it became exhausting being cooped up for so long, spring was always a blessing!
    Those chocolate buns would definitely do the trick to be the blues! Yum!

  3. Yesterday was the same for me. I arrived at work at 430 AM and spent the following 3 hours in a windowless area, then drove to school where I spent 8 hours in windowless classrooms, then drove back to work and spent the time from 3 to 10 PM inside again.
    My day isn't normally so dark though. During the 10 hour time frame that the sun is shining, I try to soak it in for about an hour (only because I burn if I am exposed to it for too long).

  4. It's the same here in Canada. I'm not sure we are as far north as you but it's close. And it does get depressing. I try to make it outside at lunch, even if it's freezing! Just to get a bit of light therapy. ; )
    Good idea to pamper yourself!

  5. I do not like winter for this reason. everything i do is in the dark :( sad. Love your blog btw!!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  6. I live in RI, its in the New England region of the US so you can imagine I don't get much sun light. It's usually dark by 4 during the winter, when we have a sunny day that is.

  7. Yikes!
    I get lots of sun b/c I'm in sunny Florida...
    Pamper away girl, I don't blame you :)