Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Do It

This is how my brain worked as my eyes were paralyzed by all the pretty ladies on the VS show this year. "Yes, that one, even better, put down the soda carefully, Piril get up, do something, jump, look at that body, you can do that too, yes, let's do it, just do it!" Hah! This is a sad (but true) story. These Nike shoes are my first gym shoes since I stopped working out seven years ago, when my basketball team split. 

It is on, like Donkey Kong. Both me and FiancĂ© went out and bought ourselves some matching gym shoes and some more items. We are determined that I am going to look like the VS models and him like the CK models. Fingers crossed. Big goals, yes we know. 

My first PT class is tomorrow. Gonna be good. Pumped!


  1. The hot pink is too good! Cute work out gear keeps me excited. I take any extra motivation I can get!

  2. I have 7.5 in Nike´s sneakers too :)

  3. I have watched the VS Show every year since 2005! I'm Team Alessandra Ambrosio. It already aired in Norway? I have to wait until Nov 30th! Wish I could work out with you!

  4. omg those are the coolest tennies ever...i'm in love
    and they make me want to go for a long run.

    xoxo katlin

  5. Those are adorable! I also have grey/pink Nike runners and I so heart them. Good luck on your exercise adventure - you can do it! :)

  6. Yes, you both can! :) Lovely shoes!

  7. Cute shoes and I get inspired when ever I see the V.S. models too! Good luck with your goals! -JB.


  8. working out is always easier with a partner! i'm thinking of getting my fiance and i a pair of nike sneaks for the holidays as well - maybe that will be enough motivation for us to actually complete our (perpetual) new years resolution to get healthy!