Thursday, December 08, 2011

Your Question Erin

(photos taken by me, also used here.)

I got a great question from a girl named Erin today, and I thought I should answer her here, since the question is amazing. Thanks Erin. She asked if I could tell her some stuff about Norway, right from the heart, not like the ads you see in the travel guides. So, here we go. The beauty of living in Norway, brought to you by Piril Maria.

This is a small country. We are almost five million people living in lands that I can relate to the Disney movies. Remember the magical feeling? Well, this is not an exaggeration believe me. This country is as green as it can be in the summer time and as pure white as possible when the winter months come a long. We got fjords that look like the ones printed in the Hallmark cards (not even photoshopped). You can drink our tap water without thinking about catching a disease, you can sit up all night in the summer and catch an never ending sunset or be witness to "a rainbow" at night. 

We, the people, are known for being a little shy, or should I say ignorant. We live our own lives, with the freedom and power to have everything the way we want it. Yes, we might not find it normal to greet with any newcomer like the frenchmen do, but once we open up we're the nicest people (true story). We eat a lot of waffles with brown cheese (goat cheese), potatoes (boiled), fish our own fish and love to keep it simple. Oh, almost forgot, we also LOVE this frozen pizza called Grandiosa. 
Other activities we do is skiing (personally I prefer snowboarding), sailing, playing soccer, walking in the woods, bicycle to work and work out. 

There is The Royal Family and The Prime Minister, a monarchy and a democracy both getting a long pretty well. You can run into every celebrity there is in this country at your local café, and start a conversation without any security people pushing you away. We are humble and kind. 

I was born and raised here. Ok, so my family is foreign, but I feel just as norwegian as any other person. Why? Because Norway is what I know best. This is my home. And I am thankful.

Was this a good answer to your question Erin?
Want to come visit? 


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following! I'm following back! Your blog is awesome! Amazing pictures! Love it!

    XO, Lizz

  2. I totally want to visit it now!


  3. Thanks! Your comment on my blog made me smile! LOVE your pictures! i'm definitely a follower :) hope to talk more!

  4. favorite post so far. i think you should post more about the beauty of norway, because evidently there is an abundunce of it!

    i hope to see more of these posts- it really did stand out from all the other ones. thanks for sharing, too!

    xo flor

  5. I want to visit!! Sounds like a great place and it looks beautiful

  6. Wow - I definitely want to come and visit. Every Norwegian I've every met has been pretty awesome :) Actually, I'm working from a designer right now who is from there!

    Sounds like a magical land :)

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  7. amazing pics

  8. I love the post! :) Its amazing to know what its like there. It will be a place I would love to visit one day!

  9. Looks like such a beautiful place to live and visit. I'd love to make it there some day.


  10. I am totally in love with your photography!

  11. This post is awesome! Norway sounds amazing and it definitely makes me want to come visit!

  12. I am SO SO glad you did this post! For some reason Norway has always been at the VERY top of my To-See list. It fascinates me. I loved learning about it's history in school, and it sounds absolutely magical to me. It's about time I visit!

  13. I went to Norway once with my boyfriend in the winter. He is from there and I am from CA. It was such a great place, but I unfortunately didn't get to see much as it was winter. I can attest that it was very white though and the most snow I've ever seen! Three-to-four feet one day during the end of Dec. I would love to go back in the springtime! And like everyone else, I really liked this post! Please share more! :)

    xoxo Brooke

  14. I love traveling, and am now officially putting Norway on my list! Great post! =)

  15. Nice photos




  16. I WANT to came and stay to live in Norway!!!!
    Thank you for your post!

  17. Such a beautiful and peaceful country. Serene sea...

  18. I loved reading this Piril, and feeling like I know you even more now!

  19. i share the same zest for simplicity in my humble city of hardworking laborers just trying to survive :) although, i'd be lying if i said i didn't enjoyed the bright lights of the big metro cities. i lived in one for 8 years; and i've found myself back home, where my heart is. too many pretentious people out there too that i've encountered; i'd rather be among my kindred spirits where everything is kind, genuine and sincere!

    lovely post - i can definitely dig it!

    thank you.


  20. I loved this post! I wanna go to Norway nooow!! hahaha
    and I loved the passion in your text.. =)



  21. Norway looks gorgeous! You are so lucky you get to see that every day :) Even though I don't know how I'd fare in the cold haha

  22. I love this. Thanks so much for taking the time and answering my question! THis really makes me want to visit!


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  24. I fell in love with your blog!! i love little beautiful details in your pictures. <3Thanks for following me.

    Following you!!

  25. We love making the Norwegian food, traditions and remembering our heritage. I've always wanted to go - it looks so gorgeous, and I always hear it's one of the most beautiful countries. I love the pictures!!


  26. Hi, you take some really really nice outdoor pics. I enjoyed looking at your pictures because they are very pretty. will be following your blog from now on and hope I'll see you at my blog too =)

  27. I am so glad you stopped by my blog so that I found yours! I would LOVE to visit Norway someday ... my heritage is Norwegian/Finnish (my maiden name is Solheim). happy holidays to you!

  28. Aw, that was a good one! I missed your simplicity, like the one you had when you started this blog... Thank you for being so honest again!