Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Giveaway

With the new year and me passing over a thousand amazing people that reads my blog, I wanted to host a giveaway. I see many bloggers out in the blogosphere that gives back to their readers, so I decided to jump into it, and do the same. You are all special in your own way to me. Ok, enough with the mushy stuff, let's get to the good stuff. 

I want to introduce you to Poshlocket.com. To me, finding some good items in my jewellery box is difficult, since I am very picky. Thank God I finally found my favorite place, cause these guys is incredible. I got in touch and simply asked if they would like to host a giveaway. 

They said yes! And gave me one of my favorite items as well. 

(The Shelly Fabric Choker)
The winner get's a $25 gift certificate
This way, you can pick exactly what YOU desire. But how to get it?

Subscribe to their mailing list to get the latest news, and go tell them you did and write down the item you fell for. Oh, they also got a Facebook and Twitter account. Follow them there too and you'll increase your chances in getting noticed. The winner will be drawn in a week and this is for the U.S. people only. 

Good luck! May the best man win. ILU!


  1. ohhh!how nice! do you think that i can participate even though i not a norwegian/us resident?
    well, it's soooo pretty! very nicE!

  2. Someone else had a giveaway so I am already on their mailing list!! Do I tell them again?! (:

  3. I just found your site on Gentri Lee... I'm kind of obsessed. I can't wait to keep reading!

  4. So cute! Your pictures are awesome - as usual!


  5. I'm not in the US :( But that necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

    Say x

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your site is gorgeous!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  7. I joined their mailing list & told them I did :)

  8. I love the Jenny Fabric Weave cuff!

  9. & I follow them on Twitter too :) Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  10. signed up for their mailing list!
    told them i did... and what my fave item is ;D yay!

    also liked them on facebook... and am now following on twitter!!!

    thanks for hosting! love their selection! ps, love the simplicity but substance of your blog too!




  11. I'm in the UK so won't be entering this time but good luck to everyone and I am sorry for the sheer lack of blog comments lately. I hope you had a good Christmas! xxx

  12. I signed up for their mailing list and let them know what my favorite piece was. I'm so lucky to be in the US and qualify for this wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for offering it!!!

  13. I signed up for their mailing list and let them know that you sent me to find my favorite item - Jane Stone Heart earrings!! Thanks!

  14. I also follow PoshLocket on Twitter.