Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Monopoly is both mine and Fiancè's favorite game. We play this almost every night when we are bored of each other. This is how I play the game, first I try to collect as many places as possible (this meaning every stop I make, I buy), then I follow the game as if I am a police officer. The rules are simple when playing with me, just follow the rules written in the rulebook and never make up your own. I am a true controll freak and it is me you find sitting with the book correcting everyone. 

I don't win every time, but let us get confused, because the reason I don't win every time is because I am too busy following all of the players to even concentrate on my own game. That is just how I am. Everything should be right, my motto. Fiancè thinks I'm funny, and all the other players are grateful (sometimes angry). They are only angry because I catch them trying to cheat and fool the other ones. Hah, never gonna happen.

How do you play games? And let me know you're favorite.


  1. i have to be in just the right mood to play monopoly. i guess because it is SO LONG. ;) but i am so with you on buying every piece of land that you land on...i do it too. love your pics too! i hope you are having a terrific tuesday.


  2. I love playing Monopoly on iPad!
    Piril, I've noticed you don't look natural on your latest photos. C'mon, girl! Too much editing kills the soul of the photo!

  3. I think it's so sweet u guys play games :)


  4. My friends and I used to have game nights all the time. Definitely liked playing Monopoly. Hope you win next time.


  5. I love Monopoly, too! Unfortunately my sister won't play with me anymore because I won't let her play by her own rules. I think it's sweet that you two play games together. :)

  6. I cant play Monopoly because i always end up getting mad at someone because they cheat.
    However, I do LOOOOVE to play "loaded questions" Seriously, BEST.GAME.EVER.

  7. Ah haha! I am not a huge monopoly fan because it's such a long game, but when I do play I have a similar strategy. Cute post! I like playing Life and Battleship. Games are so fun!

  8. I can be a bit of a play by the book kind of girl too but mostly because I get competitive! In it to win it! :) My favorite is Yahtzee. Although the other night we played Masterminds for the first time...that is a tough one!

  9. I LOVE Monopoly used to be a family favorite growing up!! I'm much like you, I try to buy up all the property so no matter where my opponents land they will be paying me rent!! LOL

  10. I do love Monopoly - but I'm also a huge fan of spades.

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. I looove monopoly! ♥

    xoxo, Laura

  12. i still love monopoly after all these years :-)