Monday, January 09, 2012

The Weekend Passed Away

I got some time off from work and got on a plane and traveled to visit Fiancè. The plane ride was terrible, took me nine hours with a little pit stop in Austria, to get to Istanbul. And I do not like to complain, and try to stay positive most of the time, but this was by all time the worst flight I have ever had. Let us hope it never happens again.

But in the end, everything was worth it. I met Fiancè and we were so happy to finally meet again. And he gave me a litte ladybug necklace, so that it could bring me luck, bring us luck this year. The rest of the weekend passed away with a lot of laughter, fun and happiness. Clichè I know, but it is true. As for the weather here in Turkey, much better than Norway. Lot less cold. I like that.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sorry your flight was so terrible. I hate bad flights. I love the necklace. So pretty.

  2. aww how lovely your necklace is!! =) glad your weekend ended better than it started :) xo


  3. Glad that you reached there ok! It is all worthwhile isn't it? Not only you get to see your Fiance and you get a pretty ladybug pendant too =) Happy for you!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Minus the horrible flight that is. Beautiful necklace, lucky you!! xo

  5. Your necklace is precious. So sorry about the rough travels! Sounds like it was worth it, though!

    xo, Audrey

  6. I'm glad the trip was worth it! I LOVE the necklace!