Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Mustache

Never been very good at planning out stuff. Or, I am good in planning and remembering, but when it comes to keeping a journal or a planner, I often get confused. Thought I should start the new year with another try at doing a planner book, so I went and bought myself one along with the mustache post it note pad. Decided to make it more fun. If I do make it more fun, then I would actually go through a whole year with planning. Mr. Panda decided to try out the mustache. He is weird like that. And yes, his name is Mr. Panda.

How are you with a day planner?


  1. my life has been so crazy lately that i forced myself to get one. i was in denial forever that i didn't need one and would pride myself on keeping tabs of everything in my head. just ordered one on etsy and i can't wait for it to arrive~

    xo the egg out west.

  2. Mustaches provide good comic relief when needed:) Love it!

  3. cute

  4. I'm pretty good with a planner. I usually buy mine on November. I am not so good to keep my phone calendar update. I like to write things on paper. Love the mustache and Mr.Panda too!!!

  5. Hey :-)
    I know that you shot all of your photos by daylight, so that they are very bright, but I think there is another kind of "milky" effect on your photos?! Could you tell me you secret? Because I tried and tried and tried to get this effect, but it DOESN'T work! :-) xx

  6. same here.. i love planners but i dont' know how to use them..

    xoxo, zahara tales

  7. I love a planner where I can see the entire month at once. Otherwise, I never use a daily one. Too hard to plan when I can't see the whole month at a time. Cute moustache!!

  8. the little post it notes do the trick for me, I have little heart ones. Also, calendars, calendars, calendars! I have a gigantic calendar in my room and I also use the calendar on my iphone.

  9. Really? I'm the complete opposite! I'm great at using a planner and I am terrible at remembering. If I don't use a planner, I get confused!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Madness And I, and following. I am now following you too :)

    XO Samantha

  10. I've been trying to use a planner too! I always start and than get bored lol. I'm loving the mustache stickies...super cute.


  11. Hi Piril Maria!
    Thank you for the follow (still wondering what will happen when GFC goes away. ??) I just have to say after clicking/reading your blog... your name matches the pretty girl that I saw in your About photos. Gorgeous photos of you & your fiancé too! Re: the coupons? Love. I'm lucky my girls help me, it takes up so much time to stay on top of it all. Love keeping diaries/journals too. I've done this since I was little. I love taking photos too! Cannot wait to have my dream camera!
    Happy weekend!

  12. My day planner is my phone. I'd be lost without it. And Google Calendar. Love Google Calendar. Been using it for years. Hard to say goodbye to my Palm Pilot though.

  13. hey! can you please write where got the planner, i love it!