Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wardrobe Wishes

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Yes, I did it. I bought my first Acne piece. A plain white shirt (just like the one in the collage) since I thought it would be good to invest in a main piece for the wardrobe. Here in Norway, Acne is very popular. Most people do buy Acne items as if it was an H&M item, and the price tag doesn't seem to be a problem. Acne is more of a high end store. Two of my best friends love it. We talked here the other day about the new sunglasses and how awesome they were. Yes, they are and yes most of their items are pretty awesome. And this is the biggest reason for why I started to drool over some of them. My biggest wishes for my wardrobe will now be to add some of them. 

If you could pick ONE Acne piece of item, what would you pick?


  1. oh it's hard to decide.. but i think it would be the white bag or leather jacket!

    xx, eda

  2. i think i would go with the plain white shirt too. good choice, as you can wear it with everything now!

  3. the whole outfit is cute, but I agree the white top is very versatile!


  4. oh, i love the classic white with denim combination!

    btw, piril, i'm currently hosting an international GIVEAWAY on my blog :)



  5. Absolutely a good idea to invest in a main piece. In fact, I need a white shirt like this.

    I like this easy, chic ensemble.

  6. i wished to have them all, but of i really ha to decided i would take the bag. its gorg :)