Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wardrobe Wishes

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I've been eying bright colored pants lately. Here in Norway we got a few shops that has been getting a lot of pretty colored ones, and my next purchase will be one (or two). Also, since the weather is still in minus degrees a good coat and some nice booties is a must. Sometimes it is hard to find good pieces that could last forever. I'm actually trying to find some and get rid of any of my other junk (give it to charity). 

What are your thoughts on BRIGHT pieces?


  1. i love that orange bag!

    and i love bright pieces!!!

  2. Love brightly colored denim! I have a pair of purple jeans that I'm obsessed with, and these yellow ones are fab. Love that coat, too!

  3. I was still undecided on bright pieces until I found a lipstick pink pair of jeans from Kate Spade, and fell in love. :) Now if only they were 50% off!

  4. I LOVE bright colored pants (especially skinny and cropped at the ankle). They are pretty popular right now at the US! I have a yellow pair that look just like those and I like to wear them with striped tops and flats.

  5. Bright colored skinny jeans.....YES PLEASE!!!

  6. The bag is amazing! :)

    Greetings from

  7. i've been wanting bright pants too! those yellow ones are pretty cute!

    loving that coat too!!

  8. I've definitely been loving the bright pants lately too! love this!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. (And those yellow jeans.)

    So glad I stumbled across your blog. I'm your newest fan and follower!


  10. love your blog

    I will be really happy, if you follow my blog, I will always follow yours back;)


  11. I agree, bright is the best way to get rid of these frozen temperatures. Lovely outfit, I really like how you mixed bright warm colors with neutrals, which makes it totally wearable and cool :)

  12. I love bright pants. I have a pair of coral ones and I want some green ones! Used to have a pair of yellow as you can see in my profile pic. And your style is amazing! I am totally lusting for some booties as well. Zara is so great. Thanks for the post!