Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Winter Picnic

My friend hosted a little outdoor picnic to her loved one and I was the photographer. So honored. The weather was sunny but ice cold. The temperature was below zero, I'm thinking like minus twenty or more below zero and my fingers turned into ice sticks. The scenario was amazing. There was snow, sun, champagne, red roses, cake, decorations, little chocolate hearts all over the place and a white blanket. This was probably my first photo mission with the new baby of mine and it survived. If it can make it through Norway's cold days, then it can do anything (talking about the camera btw). 

Ever had a winter picnic before?


  1. Winter picnic in Norway! You are a brave woman! I am cold just thinking about it. Sounds romantic though.

    Eliesa @ be in love

  2. excellent photos!! & this sounds like my kind of picnic.. minus the freezing weather. brr.

  3. never had a winter picnic! crazy!

  4. I'm so jealous of your new Mark II. I have the 60D which is good but I'm sure it's nothing like the Mark!

  5. What a gorgeous get-together. Your friend must be so stylish.


  6. These pics are great! Love the roses! I've never had a winter picnic before but would love to after reading this post!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  7. Love the photos!!! Thanks for following! Followed you too!

  8. i can't believe i was complaining earlier this morning about the weather in San Diego! you go girl...

    and i am now following as well :)

    kelli from floodingaltitudes.blogspot.com


  9. LOVE your blog. Thanks :)

    Sarah Jane from sjcurtis.blogspot.com

  10. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is lovely and your photos are gorgeous :)

  11. What a fun and very crazy idea. I would do it though. I love to walk in the snow, but I have never stopped long enough to smell the roses. Wait. What roses? Ha ha.

    Glad your camera survived. Norway. Gosh that's far.

  12. Great job on your first endeavor with the new camera! AMAZING!! And that scarf...so cozy looking!!!

  13. a winter picnic is so romantic. can't say that i have ever had one!

  14. These pictures are beautiful!! You look like you had a great time.


  15. Well Piril! Show us more! Give me that canon 5D mark ii goodness!!

  16. My brother lives up in the mountains and I stay with him every chance I can get my fingers on. Anyhow I once was talked into going on a winter picnic while I was up there, with a neighborhood boy - who by the way is incredibly hot with his blue eyes blond hair and rough hands - so what was I supposed to do, decline. Yeah right, I was out the door in my blue rain boots and following him up the street to where their is a break between the houses that leads to a forest. It is now, with my breath puffing in the air that I realize I could have suggested having a fun little indoor picnic while watching a horror movie or something. But no, not me, I am trudging along side this man whose smiling down at me because it has started to snow and he insisted this makes the picnic all the more better. I disagreed profoundly.

    When we finally make it to this small little clearing he pulls out two blankets lays one down on the snow, pulls out B&J Pomegranate and Raspberry malt coolers, then a plastic container of chocolate lava pudding, and says it is because I eat always my dessert first. He even gives me his top layered jacket and I forgive him for bringing me up here in the middle of nowhere. When we finally make it to my brothers house he shifts his feet runs his hands through his hair like he does when he's annoyed with me, angry with me, or nervous about something.

    Me being the oh great judge of manly signs proclaims "I did not even complain once, you can't possibly be mad, and if your annoyed because I had to the walking stick well you shouldn't have offered to go down and get it."

    He blinks.

    I fume, hands on my hips irrationally angry and then he blows out hot air turns and stomps down the three deck stairs and makes it halfway to the driveway before he turns.

    "You know most girls would have been all giggly and happy to talk a romantic picnic in the woods, your always complaining how chivalry is dead." Like I assume he would, his left hand tugs through his hair.

    "Well I-

    "But no not you, you come out in that ridiculous fake fur of yours and those rain boots, I mean you do realize you are in the mountains," He doesn't slow for me to answer "And you make me go climb down the side of the cliff to find a stick for you and then we come back and that is what you say." I shut the door and walk over to him prepared to say something witty and defensive.

    "It wasn't a cliff, it was like ten feet down the side of a snow covered hill, your being over dramatic."
    He blows out hot air again and shakes his head, his wet clumped hair moving in a way a wet dogs would "You are unbelievable."

    "And these shoes are not ridiculous." I say looking down at my blue rain boots.

    He turns away shaking his head again then looks over his shoulder "If it was unclear this was supposed to be a date. Next time I will send you a memo ahead of time." Then he walked away, up the street and turned left down his street.

    I went inside, ate four chocolate chip cookies and watched Letters to Juliet.

    Wonderful photos, they bring back this memory so vividly.
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