Friday, March 02, 2012

Questions and Answers

What are your goals for 2012?
I usually don't set very big goals for myself. From experience they always end up never being reached, so I just go with the flow. But one of my MAIN and biggest goals in life general is to marry Fiancé and make a home with him in Norway. He is still not with me, and our case goes on to the second round of applying. I just want to have him with me in 2012. Also buy a house. And work out. And that's all so far.

How much time do you spend on your blog?
I try to post at least one post every day on the weekdays. To make a blog post doesn't take much time, but if we sum up everything else (including taking photos, editing, answering emails, replying to comments and so) it takes almost five hours of my day. Most of the stuff I do while at my actual work. I'm on the computer/Internet a lot.

Where do you work? What is your full time job?
A year ago (on my birthday) I was given the opportunity to work at Oslo's biggest traffic control companies. Basically, my job is to care for public transport in Oslo region here in Norway. I am working with costumers who travel daily. I am thankful to be working in an amazing company with a bunch of kind and awesome colleagues, together we make great team.

Besides blogging, what are your hobbies?
Photography (a recent passion of mine), music, writing, swimming and watching movies. 

How did you and Fiancé meet?
It was summer break, I was in Istanbul, we had some mutual friends gathering. He had watched my online cover videos (I used to play the guitar and sing) for six months before I came, so he knew who I was. He introduced himself and I thought his smile was cute. The rest is a love story

Have you ever visited the U.S. before?
No, but that is one thing on my bucket list, that I'm going to do. A great place that deserves to be visited. So, no worries I'm gonna come one day. 

What do you love most about Norway? If you could move to another country where would it be?
I've actually kinda answered that question here, or at least I did tell why I'm loving Norway. If I was to move, it would most likely be the U.S. 

You said in your "About" you have never smoked or drank and never will. Why is that? 
Never smoked because of my parents. They smoke a lot and growing up smoke has always been bad in my mind. Also, now when I think of it, why spend money on something that is slowly killing you? I would rather spend my money on chocolate. Mm, yum! And drinking had a bad memory in my life. It involves a loved one and alcohol. 

There you go! The long lost questions and answers post I promised a couple of months ago. Not a video this time, but hey at least you got your answers. Was looking through my archives and found it. You can also read my FAQ page.

Here is a question to you, do you feel like you know me a little better now? 


  1. I really appreciate your being so honest. Nice to follow your blog again :) And welcome to mine!



  2. Very interesting! I would love to visit Norway. I hope things work out with your fiance!

  3. Hi there,

    I'm a new-ish follower and definitely think I know you a bit better. I too have a day job and spend most of my day on my blog or visiting other blogs.

    I too have never smoked or drank ... smoking never appealed to me and drinking, well I am a bit of a control freak, but also have always had bad associations with alcohol altering loved ones behaviours.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I really enjoyed this post. I admire that you don't drink or smoke. Those are both things I don't do either

    Have a lovely day in Norway and I'll do the same in Jerusalem :) it snowed today :/

    Sarah Jane Curtis

  5. Oh my gosh, how have I been following your blog for weeks now and not known that you lived in Norway?? I used to live in Russia and while I was there I visited Sweden and Finland...totally not the same, but for a American farm girl like me it was pretty close :)



  6. You should definitely come to the US sometime! I also love that you don't smoke or drink-same here!

  7. Move to the US, you will love it. I just want you to know that I really relate to your relationship situation. My husband is a different nationality than I am. I applied for his green card many months ago and we are still waiting to have our interview and get our application approved. The wait is frustrating. I wish you the best of luck with your your fiance and hope you will be together soon.

  8. It was great to get to know you a little better! I'd love to visit America some day too and I'd much rather spend money on chocolate than cigarettes! You sound a little similar to me, photography has also become a recent passion of mine :)

  9. Great idea for a post, and an interesting read too! Lovely blog xo


  10. I also don't smoke or drink... Both of those substances are literally mild forms of poison (hence the hangovers) and have attributed to many, many deaths... You made a good choice!



  11. Great Post. Thanks for sharing! =)

  12. I just found you thanks to Piece of Lisa and i must say i'm impressed! Love the layout, love the pictures and just for the record you are gorgeous! You have a new follower! :)



  13. I think its amazing you don't smoke or drink (two things I avoid as well!)
    Thanks for the fun G and A's!

  14. much like clothes. I expect