Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hipp Hipp Hurra!

Happy Constitution Day Norway. A saying that I am sure every Norwegian person said today is "Hipp Hipp Hurra!". May Seventeenth is the national day, the day when Norway became an independent nation. The highlights of this day is the children's parade, when each elementary school district in Norway arranges its own parade with marching bands. I used to be in one, playing the clarinet, marching every 17th of May. In Oslo (where I live), the marching band march all the way to the city and the castle, we wave to the Royal Family and eat ice cream afterwards. 

Read more about the 17th of May here.
I spent this day with my family, we ate good food, marched, waved flags, enjoyed the weather and celebrated this beautiful country. I am blessed to call this land of peace my home.