Monday, May 07, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

The lack of Internet has really made an impact on me. Never realized how much I need Internet to function until now. Fiancè feels the same way. This weekend we decided to take a little trip across the ocean to one of the islands here in Istanbul to have a little picnic. (Warning, this part of the text is a little mushy.) I will soon be leaving to go back home and it hurts to leave this guy here all alone. Again. But I try to stay positive for both of us (because he is broken from all of this waiting) and make the best out of everyday. I believe that if you want one thing bad enough you will get it in the end. I know the reality of this world but I try to be optimistic about everything. 

Me and Fiancè will buy a one way flight ticket to Oslo soon, but not now. 
See, my toast finished as I was typing these words and now I will be getting to eat it. Patience is a virtue.


  1. Patience is a virtue I have yet to master! Hang there my sweet friend, soon enough you'll get to look back at laugh about how far you've made it.


  2. such a true sentiment. it is one my husband and i are working on with our little one, too. patience is required with everything, such as in making a good meal...to many of life's impactful events. hang in there, you are a beautiful person inside and out who will be stronger because of this!

    xo, amanda


  3. You're absolutely right girl. I remember the long flights back home to the states after I would say goodbye to my husband. Not knowing when I'd be seeing him again, or when I'd be able to afford it again. He would be with me all the way to the security point, and I'd keep looking back, all wet faced, blowing kisses to each other. I'd cry on the plane, and harder when they said "there will be some turbulence." It makes us strong women. Love you

  4. I've always believed that a positive outlook on things will never let you down - guaranteed :)

  5. love the lighthouse pic! hope your waiting will be over soon!


  6. gorgeous lighthouse photo! and the darling yellow pants again? can't get enough of them. & i love your optimism. the world will do what it's going to do whether or not you're a pessimist...you might as well look on the bright sides of things. and you two will be together very soon. sending happy, loving thoughts your way! xo.