Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fiancé is a Spearfisher

Did you know that Fiancé is a spearfisher? Read what wiki has to say about it. But he is one, and he loves it. I was looking through some of our photos from my last visit to Istanbul and found some of us when he was diving. You see, he dresses all fishy (?) and disappears out to the horizon while I stay on land. The staying on land part is the boring part, because he will be gone for hours and I will be hanging and waiting and hanging some more. Last time I brought my camera and snapped some photos. He came back with fish strapped to his lifeguard balloon and then he cut them up to clean them. Hah! I was amazed but also very sick afterwards. 

He is really good at it though, and I've promised him that I will accompany him one day. Yeah, as if that day is gonna come, ever. I prefer to stay behind bored but safe. The deep scares me.


  1. the photos are lovely as always :D haha oh I would run away if I saw someone clean a fish..

  2. How interesting! It's like fun fact Wednesday over here

    DoublClik Photography

  3. That's really neat. :] How've you been?

  4. GREAT photos! So much talent!