Friday, June 01, 2012

How to: Strawberry Snack

With the strawberry season coming up I've been eating strawberries like a crazy person. I put a little strawberries in every meal of mine, and one of my favorites is this strawberry snack I eat all the time.
So, here is my first recipe posted here on how to make the best strawberry yogurt muesli cinnamon snack ever. Is that what you say, when you make something and share it with people? Hope so. Hey, it's really tasty and juicy and healthy so.. yeah here we go..

You'll need:
fresh strawberries
 vanilla yogurt
fruit muesli
a bowl
a fork
a knife
and a surface to cut the strawberries on

First you wash and cut the berries in small pieces. Here you can decide what shape and size you want them in. I just cut the top first and then do a cryss cross in the middle. 

Put all your berries in the bowl first.

Add the muesli. I use a plain fruit muesli mixture. This one is with raisins too, so it's a score! I like raisins a lot too. 

Have a splash of vanilla yogurt. I use vanilla cause I like that flavour the best, but of course what flavour you choose is up to you as well. Mine is also the "healthy" brand, with less fat and more protein.

And at last, sprinkle some cinnamon on top and place a big strawberry for decoration. And then you're all done. I like this because it is so easy to make and a better option for my tummy. 

Now all there is left to say is..

Note: For all of the ingredients the amount is flexible. You put in as much as you want depending on how much you want to eat that day. 


  1. I've been known to do all of this ... except for the cinnamon. that's what I've been missing. GENIUS!!

  2. Mmmmm so yummy )))) thanks for sharing))) i like to look ur soft pics..)

  3. That looks sooo good!
    I will be trying it this weekend.


  4. Yay for strawberry season! This looks absolutely delish!! I'm off to buy some strawberrys tomorrow after your post.

  5. Mmm look delicious. Strawberries are always the best.


  6. This is what I have for breakfast just about every morning. That or oatmeal. Always delicious! : )