Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Home Alone This Summer

Alright, so I am home alone this summer and I have to care for myself. Mom is not here to cook anymore, so I improvised some of her recipes from her cookbook. The excitement raise when I found this one delicious but yet super easy one. Thought I should share, although the photos are kinda self explanatory. 

You will need:
Salt and pepper
A stove and utensils
And a hungry tummy

First you cut your broccoli and mushrooms into pieces. Then cook them in a pan. In the meanwhile the water for the pasta should be put in the stove and be boiling (I am sure EVERYBODY knows how to boil some pasta), put the pasta in the water and let is boil. Then I just got an already prepared chicken at the grocery store, I just put that in the oven to warm up and get that crispy surface. And at last I just mixed it all together and put it in my tummy (the hungry tummy). 

It was so easy to prepare and took me ten minutes (without the boiling time of course) to make. 
Enjoy and bon appètit.

Also, happy 4th of July to all of my American friends! 


  1. Yum! This looks so delicious! I love the fresh photography on this too. xo

  2. yum that looks delicious and you look stunning as always lovely xo

    pebbz | pebbz notebook

  3. that looks so good! i could do with some of it now!

  4. looks delicious even though I don´t eat meat/chicken! and ebing alone home isn´t bad ;)

  5. This looks so utterly delicious and simple. Thanks for sharing !