Thursday, July 05, 2012

Put On A Smile

Life is weird. And yes, this is going to be a story of our relationship, me and Fiancé. We fell in love in 2008, he was in the army from winter 2008 to spring 2010, we got engaged the summer 2010 and applied for the permits for his visa to come to Norway. This is a short story of us. And here comes the weird part, because the year is 2012 and we are STILL NOT living together or having a, what I like to call, "normal relationship". It is weird, because I had never in a million ways thought of my first love to be a long distance one, and it is weird because it is almost like there is some test going on for the two of us. Someone or something is testing us, trying to find out if this is true love. 

Me and Fiancé have had our ups and downs, but the downs are mostly because of the long time this case has taken, and yet our love is as strong as it was that first day. Weird, because I've seen movies and listened to songs were couples don't last when something like this comes between. I have been blessed with a man who is as patient as myself. He is probably going through the worst time of his life right now. Every piece of his life has been put on hold because of this. He can't do anything but to wait. He has asked me a billion or maybe even more (if that's possible) times on WHEN our case will be finished, and I have been having to tell him "I don't know" each time. Because I really don't know. 
We trust in God and we trust in our love and pray each day for an answer. 

I am optimistic, so I believe that the two of us will be getting that answer (might be very soon) that we have been asking ourselves. But Fiancé is getting more and more crushed every day. I try to keep him positive and feed him all my love every day, so that he stays strong. But now I am getting weak as well. That energy that I used to have is disappearing. I start to don't care anymore. I am angry. Angry of the handle of this case, angry because it takes almost two years to let me start my life with the love of my life. It should NOT BE ALLOWED to do this to anyone. I hope there is NO ONE out there who goes through what we are going through, and I hope every one who is in love are allowed to actually hold hands. I wouldn't even want my worst enemy to live this. This is horrible. 

Oh my, oh my.. Again, I believe it will be OK, so I put on a smile and wait some more. 
Can someone tell UDI to please be finished with us soon. 


  1. As someone who went through a long distance relationship (me - USA, him - England), it was very difficult to try and keep the positive side. However, one thing that worked for us was talking about the next time we were going to see each other. The next trip, the next visit and what we were going to do. I then took a ton of photos of us together to help me remember the good times of when we were together. (These photos also proved our relationship truly existed to the government - bonus!)

    Long story short, we're now together (after 3 years long distance), been married for 5 years now, and still going strong. I truly thank the path that we were given in having a long distance relationship because it forced us to communicate - a top priority in our relationship now. It also showed us how to value each others time when we ARE together. :)

    Everything is a blessing, you just have to see the other side. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult journey as I understand how much your heartaches for your fiance.

    I just hope that you find the beauty in having a long distance relationship - its just the foundation to your beautiful, long lasting love for each other. :)



  2. umarım yaşadığınız sorunun artık bir sonu gelir...durumu anlayabiliyorum, ikiniz de ne yapacağınızı bilemez durumda olmalısınız. sabır diliyorum sana, en iyisi olsun..

  3. Being away from the person you love is the worst thing in the world. Although I've never dealt with anything as serious as this, I met my boyfriend when I came to school and everytime I've been home since (summer, christmas, etc.) is wonderful and stressful at the same time because I know I'll be missing him the whole time. This situation sounds like the ultimate worst though, and I really admire your positive outlook and will to keep chugging. And man, I really hope things work out soon, that will be the ultimate best! I'm sure you've heard this before, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder!

    perfectly priya

  4. ohh i hope everything goes fine for u!x

  5. everything will be okay dear ♥ just be patient :)

  6. Oh my goodness you've practically just described my long-distance relationship. For three years I was in Madrid and he was in a city three hours away but even being in the same country we couldn't have a "normal" relationship. And now I am in L.A. he is still in Spain and finishing his studies and still after nearly four years of being together we've still haven't been able to "be" together. In your case you're the patient one and in my case I am the one getting weak and loosing faith. Although, I also strongly feel that we are being tested and feel that I just need to hold on just a little longer and then everything will be different. I will pray for both of us to have that change happen this year. Its comforting to know my boyfriend and I aren't the only ones in this situation because sometimes it feels that way when everyone around me is happily enjoying holding hands with their special someone and we're still waiting :(
    Lots of blessings for you and your guy! xx from L.A.