Monday, July 30, 2012

That One Weekend You Had Planned

Have you ever had that one weekend you had planned, but then it turned out to be NOTHING like the way you had imagined it? Well, this weekend was just like that for me. The plan was originally to go to the movies (Batman) and to do a cruise around the Oslo Fjord. The outcome became to workout, shop some jewelry, try out Baby Foot and make homemade Mexican food. The main reason for it to change was the weather. Rain. Sun. Sun. Rain. I got confused. 

I've heard good stuff about that foot care product and decided to try it out. So after two hours of walking around in the house like a weirdo with two plastic bags on my feet, the product promise to make your feet smooth within a couple of weeks. I'll update you along the way. And also, somehow the motivation to exercise has been on top. I want to eat good and move more, almost all the time. I guess that's good right?


  1. I love your rings! Especially the one on the middle finger. Eating good and exercising seems to be on everyone's list right now - including mine!

  2. love this! so, so cute!

    love the blog too girl! keep 'em comin'!

    love, rach.

  3. Go you about exercising, I have been wanting to but can't find the motivation!!

  4. Cute pictures! :) And I need some of your motivation for exercise! :)

  5. I love this, ugh but exercising just bums me out lol


  6. I've never heard of those feet things, but I am so excited to hear the results. My life is a constant battle for baby smooth feet... It's nearly impossible, especially during sandal season.


  7. Change of plans seem to be the order of the day lately! But it looks like your weekend turned out great anyway.

  8. Hi! Firstly your blog amazing and i wonder that do you in diet? if you are, please tell us something abaut how do you do that :)

  9. Both are definitely good for you. I just started to drink raw milk and use soap as my new toothpaste. I'm also a new fan of eating raw cheese! I learned that drinking raw milk and eating raw cheeses (and taking good vitamin supplements) helps to make your teeth and gums healthier and stronger. It's fascinating to learn about how to take care of your body and then see good results! I'm really enjoying this small experiment I am doing on myself. It's pretty cool.

    I wish you the best on your good health!