Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY: Braided Mint Bracelet

Since I've already bought a bunch of thread for some projects I had planned, I did something different. The stuff you'll need to make this braided mint bracelet is a mint (or any other thread of your choice) leather thread, silver bracelet securing locks, a tape and scissors. It is very simple to make. 

Step one is to measure a good amount of length on three equally sized thread, and tie it up in a knot in one end.

Use the tape to secure the bracelet, it makes it easier for you on the next step.

Start making a regular braid. The thickness will be according to the size of the thread and how tight you braid them. Braid to the length of your desire and hand size.

Secure each silver lock on each side of the braided bracelet. I just tied them up.

And there you go. Finished!

Now, this is very easy, but my plan is to make a bunch of these type of bracelets. They are called friendship bracelets if I'm not mistaken. They are such good arm candy along with different jewelry. 
I have some where I am also using a different technique and beads. 

Hope you liked this DIY. I feel pretty lame, because of the level of difficulty on this, but hey I was bored and had the stuff already. Why not, right?


  1. I love this! I'm not crafty at all so something simple like this is perfect. You should make a few up and sell them on your blog! I would definitely buy one! Cute!

  2. that's such a cute bracelet and super easy to make! xxx

  3. My cousin and I tried making these types of bracelets this past week- it's really harder than it seems! thanks for posting; so not lame! (:

  4. Love this tutorial! I think I just might have to make a few!
    So cute and so simple!


  5. This is simple and cute! No need to feel like it's not enough, I honestly wouldn't have thought of doing this myself.

  6. Don't feel lame! This is lovely. :)

  7. Dont ever feel lame. This a really cool and DOABLE diy. I love the color choice.

  8. I like this. Great color. Going to give this a try.

  9. Nicely done. I like the locks that you chose, rather than a boring clasp. I will have to get some.


  10. I love this!!! So, so pretty.


  11. So simple and pretty, I love these for layering!