Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight - August

Starletta Designs is a handmade jewelry shop owned by the lovely Tara Reid from Canada. The pieces is mostly made with colorful gemstones and metal. One of my favorite, is like all the others truly one of a kind. Tara is also a freelance graphic designer. Her creativity reflects the beautiful pieces in her Etsy shop. 

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Shannon Hearts is the blog of Shannon from California. A mom of two, who is stylish and beautiful. Her blog reflects her style and this woman is one of my inspirations for doing more personal style on my blog. I like her "no drama" attitude. 

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The Wiegand's is the blog of Casey Leigh, a mom of three adorable babies. One strong lady this one! Her family and life lessons is preparing me for what I am about to have in the near future, and I am thankful. Thankful for her sharing and open mind around in the blogosphere. She is also a talented artist. 

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Yellow Bird Yellow Beard is the blog of Janee, one of my oldest blog friends. Her blog is a happy blog with plenty of inspiration. She is a crafty lady and owns her own little shop, mostly of garlands and some other pretty items. 

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Paper Crowns is the blog of Natasha from Canada. An adventurer who shares her daily life and the things she loves. Her hair is gorgeous, so red and vibrant. She is a designer, who makes simple yet beautiful web design. Her taste is much like my own, and this is why I like it.

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  1. What an amazing post! I love how you photographed each of the blogs on your laptop. You're so creative. And, of course, thank you SO MUCH for including me. :) xoxox.


  2. I love how you did the images for this post! So excited to be sponsoring you this month :)


    i just fell in love with this post. SO GREAT!

  4. Wow. I really found some fabulous bloggers through this post. Thank you :)