Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Years

(just woke up - face)

Another week passed. Today is actually a very "special" day, or the date is. Because exactly two years ago we delivered our first documents and applied for Fiancé's visa permission. Two years. That is a lot. It is just now starting to come alive, the long waiting, the hurt and the missing we've lived ever since day one. As a little funny gesture, I spammed the directory of foreign cases on twitter (knowing that it wouldn't mind, but still who cares). 

I also received a card that I had been waiting for from this beautiful lady, stay tuned for that. Been also collecting some items for fun DIY projects for me to do over the weekend. Have to keep myself occupied while waiting for my baby to come. The blog and work is the only two things. 


  1. 2 yıl çok fazla gerçekten! wish it could come an end.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you Piril. Sending a tweet or two (or ten!) isn't such a bad idea. I hope this all works out for you and soon. x

    1. Thank you Stephanie! And yeah, why now? =) Every tweet counts!

  3. You look beautiful without makeup. And...congrats on the two year celebration of visa application.
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  4. I'm excited to see the DIY projects you're working on. And congrats on the celebration of your visa application.