Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Colorful Jeans Help the Mood

Shoes: HM  /  Jeans: Zara (similar)  /  Top: Topshop  /  Necklace: CC / Rings: Shopbop  /  Bag: Zara (similar)

I try to hold on to the summer for as long as I can. In Norway the weather is getting colder each day, and it's raining more and more. Almost 75 percentage of the conversations includes the weather topic. I do it too, but I can't help it. Bright colorful jeans help the mood getting better when nothing else does, so I put on mine and added some more bright colors and walked out the door confident. Felt as if I could beat the rain, but no. The minute I stepped out, it started pouring down. 

Then I grabbed my umbrella.
On other notice, I've got some excited news to share soon, some people might now it from following me on twitter/instagram/facebook. 


  1. I'm English...and our favourite topic too is the weather :-) I discovered your delightful blog at the weekend and enjoyed very much the archives. I had to return to make a little comment x

  2. gorgeous head to toe! love the yellow jeans! xx


  3. I am so happy for you my dear!!
    Hope the apartment search is going well :)
    You look amazing & happy!

  4. Your nails! Your necklace! They match and the color is so fresh and pretty.

    I'm going to go follow you on Twitter now and see what your news is.

  5. ooh i love this outfit! i absolutely love yellow pants - they are just way too cute with that necklace :) and your hair looks so great!

  6. I love the colors! your necklace had seen it in pink, I like it even more in turquoise!

  7. This outfit is so stunning! I am loving the mints, yellows, and gray all tied in, they happen to be my favorite colors of the season! Oh my, and your hair, it is to die for!

    J.P Photograhy

  8. oh you are so gorgeous I love the colors and the brightness =)

  9. Cute bag, love your nail color!


  10. I love the turquoise colour! It's so beautiful and perfect for holding onto summer.


  11. Just added you to my Instagram love. Love the turquoise accents, the necklace and nails and toes. :) Also, congratulations darling, your darling will be with you soon enough. xo

  12. Oh I couldn't be more excited for cold weather haha, but I don't like rain that much when I need to go out... But you're wearing a lovely outfit, I love colorful jeans. It's gotten so bad that I don't even own a regular pair of jeans anymore...

  13. So cute! I want a pair of jeans that color or a darker mustard, but just haven't found the right pair yet!

  14. This outfit is gorgeous dear! I'd love to hear what you think of my latest :) oh, and i'm so happy for you and your guy! I'm sure you're just ecstatic!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.