Monday, October 01, 2012

Almost Five Years

So much has happened in such short time. Some of it is still unbelievable. Fiancé and I are together. Hah, this is the unbelievable part. We try to settle down. Move out to our own home and kick off our lives. Things go according to plan right now and thankfully we are in schedule. I am so excited to share many more photos and stories of our lives together. 

Snapping photos is not easy when you're doing all sorts of stuff, but I managed to capture some frames. It is a little difficult to know exactly what I want with this place of mine I call The Bookness. The content will probably change a bit, my view on some things might change. I've been doing this for so long now. Almost five years. But I can't stop, I've tried that too and in the end I find myself back here. Blogging is not easy when you build an audience. 

Alright, enough small talk..


  1. pretty :))) so happy for you.

  2. so happy that FI is with you ... about time ;)

    lovely images!

  3. I'm still so happy with you and that you're with your love!

  4. Many, many, many congratulations. :)

  5. THANK HEAVENS! I'm sure your blog content will only get better! Now you have a boy to take your outfit photos, and a new place to decorate. And recipes to show us! See, ideas everywhere!

    1. Thank you for the positivity! =) I feel so inspired already.

  6. I never know what to write some days.. I feel you.. And I haven't even been around for as long as you! LOL