Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest Post - The Coffeehouse

Dear Readers of The Bookness,
Ok. That's way too formal. Scratch that. Hey there Readers of The Bookness! I'm Tiff, husband is Dan and lab is Sherman. I blog over at The Coffeehouse and I was so excited when Piril asked me to put together a little post for you all today. And maybe even a little intimidated. You see, I've been following The Bookness ever since I started my own blog. And every day I drool over all of her amazing photos. Lucky for you, I love photography too. Otherwise you would have to listen to me ramble on and on about my dog. And we all know how fun that can be.

So, what have I been taking pictures of lately?
You guessed it. Leaves.
And bread. And a few apples.
This is pretty much my life in Instagram right now. All things fall.

And Sherman and I are loving this thing called fall more and more every day. We love it so much that our normal hour walks are somehow turning into two hour walks. Sometimes three. Walks are so much more fun when you have gorgeous trees to look at and crunchy leaves to step on.

So the other day a girl and her dog walked to this adorable little park and took about 25 87 pictures of leaves and trees. If you hate gorgeous trees and colorful leaves, then you might want to skip this post and go here instead ... and read about that time I jumped out of a plane. Or go here and read about all of our crazy home renovations. Both of which were equally scary.

 I promise, my blog is about more than just trees.
But you'll have to jump on over here to see even more pictures and read more about my goofy life with husband and lab.

Thanks again for having us, Piril!
Sherman loooves meeting new people (and so do I) ... so come on over and say Hi.
I promise I didn't mean to rhyme. I've just had one too many cups of coffee.
Oh and I like coffee too. 


  1. *gasp* My silly photos, my silly words on YOUR amazing blog. I am going to faint now. :) But really, I am honored to be here Piril. You are the best!

    1. I think you're amazing! The words you wrote really made my day. Thank you so much for wanting to help me out.
      And I hope to many more post like this in our future blogger days.

      Thanks Tiff! I loved it!!

  2. Gorgeous. :) Tiffany, you are an amazing photographer!

    1. Isn't she? We have ourselves a talented woman! I love some good photos.

  3. I love this, your always so funny it's great! And your dog is always looking super cute!

    XO, Adropofbliss.blogspot.com

    1. The dog melted my heart! The dog of my dreams.

  4. What a sweet guest post and I love the photography (;


  5. fall is here! beautiful images..


  6. Amazing, amazing pictures <3
    the dog is such a cutie pie! :)