Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life Lately

Life lately has been slow. I like things to be this way, at least now we can really sit back and look at how fast the last few months has been. Breathe and think clear. Talking about breathing, another issue that has accrued lately is my almost ten year old MacBook. Two days ago it took it's last breath (meaning it crashed). I called Apple support, and they thought I should use the CD to reinstall the system, but I don't have it. Who knows where it's been for the last years, so I ordered a new one and I'm waiting to have it by the 10th of December. 

Blogging might slow down, or be some few random ones until then. Be patient. 


  1. Words to live by -- breathe and think clear. :) Hope all is well dear friend.

  2. I know I said this sooo many times....but I'm so, so so HAPPY for you!!!
    You deserve so much all that you're going through!!

  3. oh no! i hope it makes it through! 10 years is quite a time to have a computer haha. your ring is stunning :)


  4. Oh nooo! I'm sad to hear about your computer, but 10 years!? That's an oldie, haha! ^^ Hope you get that CD on time so you can use your PC again :) x

  5. I loved your macbook.. it was so nice and thick ;) :P I really loved this design.. but, fresh start with your life and....a new laptop! it is nice ;)

  6. gorgeous!