Thursday, January 24, 2013

Black Without Milk and a Dash of Sugar

Life is slowly starting to settle down into it's own rhythm, well at least that's what I like to fool myself with. If you look at the long term, our lives isn't settled down until husband gets his final permits here in Norway. I try to stay positive to all these sudden changes. Yesterday I sat down and read a little book about coffee that I found in my little sisters room, while I drank my morning cup with some cookies from the day before. 

It's funny, the relationship I have to coffee. As a child, I would watch my father drink it every morning before school. Me and him had this little thing we did. My school was a bit far from where we lived, so I had to take the bus from day one. Me and my father would always leave home a bit early, drop off my baby sister at kinder garden, visit our local bakery and sit until it was time for me to leave for school with the bus. 
He would always drink one cup of coffee, dark without milk with just a dash of sugar in it. I remember asking him if I could put milk in his coffee, but he said no. Milk would ruin the bitter taste that he loved so much. If he would like to drink milk, he would do it in a separate glass. Me being only seven years old, I didn't understand the culture of the whole coffee world. There I was sipping on some fresh orange juice eating my cinnamon bun watching him drink, and wondering if I would ever get old enough to do the same. And here I am! 

I haven't been drinking coffee that often until now. I like it. I like my coffee black without milk and a dash of sugar, I prefer brown sugar. 
How do you like your coffee?


  1. I love the story of you and your father's morning ritual. I still haven't acquired a taste for coffee, but my parents love it.

  2. I have to admit I like coffee only if its mixed up with plenty of cream and sugar. I like just the taste of it ... not the bitterness. :)

  3. As a lot of brazilians,I love my cafe com leite, which means, coffee with a lot of milk, actually more milk than coffee. I drink mine every morning but with no sugar. Beautiful pictures!

  4. i never thought to use brown sugar! might have to try that. i usually add a splash of half & half and french vanilla creamer.

    ps: love your socks! :)

  5. Lovely photographs! Has me really wanting that photograph - I'm not the biggest fan of coffee. Though, trying it with brown instead of white sugar sounds like a novel idea I may just have to try.

  6. Lovely story Piril. And great pictures as always, I've missed your photography!
    I like my coffee black without milk and without sugar. Love the bitter taste :)

  7. This post is really cute. I've not started drinking coffee, but I feel like I may need to, to give me some more energy!