Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sponsor The Bookness Blog?

Do you feel like spending some money in exchange for some visitors? Ha ha, that must be the most awful line for selling your stuff right? But that is what I ask for in this post. I ask if any of you would like to sponsor The Bookness blog? 

Honestly, I don't like to come with such a question and I try NOT to do so, but the reason I'm asking is because I am currently working on a new project. An online project. And I need some support to develop it. So I could trade a ad space on my blog (the size of your choice of course) in exchange for a price. If you would like to sponsor me and my blog then please go here and purchase the ad size of your choice and I'll approve it right away. 
Make sure to read the description before doing the purchase, so that you know what you are about to have. 

Thank you for your support! And also, thank you for the sweet sweet comments on my last post. 

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