Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: photography stuff such as albums, disks and stationary for my new business.
Cooking: from the bottom with hubs. And of course I'm just the helper.
Drinking: loads of coffee at work and homemade lemonade in the sun.
Wanting: to travel to an unknown destination with a beach, sun and palm trees.
Looking: at my fingers as I type these words. I can actually write without looking as well.
Playing: a new game on my phone called Hay Day, I'm obsessed he says.
Wasting: time while playing games and going through my old archives here at the blog.
Wishing: to go away for a vacation this summer.
Enjoying: editing and finalizing photography projects for my new clients.
Waiting: for the bus every morning before work, I get sick of it sometimes.
Liking: the sunny weather in Oslo in April, almost like summer, it's unbeliveable.
Loving: the new flowers we have in our balcony, i'll share, they are the i in spring.
Hoping: hubs finds a job soon. He has been so ready for this, but nothing.
Needing: a vacation.
Wearing: your basic blue jeans and light springy blouses.
Following: everything I've been dreaming about with this photography business of mine.
Noticing: that I've been getting a little chubby around my waist lately.
Thinking: about getting more physically active then I am.
Feeling: ready to live.

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