Saturday, December 20, 2014


You went to bed. Time to sleep. Time to make today yesterday and tomorrow today. You laid down on your back, your head hit the pillow and pulled the comforter over your body. Your body was warm. Then all the sudden, for a tiny second, your mind took you to a dark place. It kept digging deeper into your soul and eventually found the way to your heart. The heart is pure, the heart is forgiving and good. Your heart is positive and full of pink clouds and rainbows. That one tiny second, the mind poisoned your heart with darkness.

Your eyes starred at the sealing while everything bad in your current life reached and covered your heart. The heart was aching now. It was not used to all this. It had been a while since this happened, and it was supposed to protect the beautiful and pureness. But the mind was too strong. All things sad, disappointing, hurting and dark was inside you again. You thought of all the people who had harmed you, the people who had hurt you and made you angry at life. You began to think "you" and the egoism showed it's face. It came all at once and it became to much for the heart to handle. The heart shut down. Your eyes filled up. You could feel the cold. When there was no more room in your eyes for more, you blinked.

A teardrop began to roll slowly from your right eye and down your chin. As it rolled it left a cold trace. It stopped when it came to the cliff of your cheekbones. Then you blinked again and the trace of the teardrop found it's way down to your ear. Although you were burning inside of sadness, your body felt the cold "wind" that hit your right side because of the trace of the teardrop. One little teardrop.