Thursday, November 17, 2016

My 27th Birthday

Birthday depression or pre-birthday depression is a real thing. Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. A few days ago I felt this sad feeling inside me. I started to question my choices in life, what I really wanted to do, who I was becoming, if this was were I wanted to be, the people who is closest to me and my work. The questions piled up and I had absolutely no answer. Today, the day before tomorrow, I decided to look it up on the internet. I typed "birthday tomorrow, feeling sad" and came across another blog who took up the subject of feeling depressed around your birthday.

As a reminder to myself, I wanted to share some of it on my blog and write about the things I feel today. Because it is true, I do feel sad today. I feel this burning hurt in my chest. I feel like I haven't been me and that I'm forgetting me. My life is good. I am a healthy human being as far as I know, and my parents and siblings are alive and with me.

Note: This post was written 25th of April 2014, but never published. 


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