Saturday, December 31, 2016

Oh 2017

The last day. Oh 2016, I had so many plans for you. So many dreams. Positive thoughts. Oh 2016. A year ago today, our entrance to the new year was so exciting and happy. It was me and him, and our little one. The three of us. At home. Welcoming you 2016. Innocent and pure. Our hearts so full of joy.

We did a countdown with fireworks in the background. Standing outside in our balcony, looking up in the sky, the clock hit 00.00 mark and our phones gave us a new year. We toasted our alcohol free champagne, kissed and screamed as we videotaped it all. This was us entering the year that broke us to pieces. Us against the year that took our innocence. The year that gave us an everlasting heartache.


Oh 2016, you gave us a lot, but that one you took away was all that we ever wanted. I can only wish that the new year of 2017 brings us peace. Peace in our souls and in our world. Oh 2017, be a good year OK?

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  1. Hello dear, I hope you are well. I know that you don't know me but I have followed you for many years. I had deactivated many of my social media profiles and unfortunately lost touch with your blog and social media accounts. I was scrolling through your past posts and I see that you just had a birthday. Happy belated Birthday Piril Maria. I see that you also had a tough year last year ;( I am so very sorry to hear that dear ;( ...I do not always understand the way God works...sometimes I wonder why we are here, what is the purpose of being here when the world and life can be so cruel. Piril, I know that things will never be the same but I do know that one day you will be happy again. I pray that God gives you the strength to overcome the grief that you are feeling at this time. Thinking of you dear and I pray that you are well. God bless you and your family, always.